Sunday, December 9, 2007

[MMOR-News] More Gifts and a Secret to take advantage of...

Ok today I am going to announce these:

1. Here is my secret to increase my conversion rate.
From my test I managed to increase my offer conversion rate
from 4% to 10% recently just by applying the IM Urgency

Have a look at this where I applied the urgency factor
(one of my OTOs):
=> See one of my OTO

(If you have seen the page after I implement the urgency
factor then you will be redirected somewhere, Since You've
seen it you know what I mean)

If you are interested to apply the same strategy to your
offers and increase your conversion rate to the roof just
grab your own IM Urgency package here:

=> Check Out IM Urgency

Now another secret is that the IM Urgency Team changed
the price to $27 from original $9.97 BUT ACTUALLY They
are making mistake by NOT CHANGING it in their buy button.

SO if you click the buy button NOW the price still $9.97!!
Check it out yourself here (hope they haven't found out
about it):

=> Find Out about the IM Urgency

Take advantage of it before they know about it and truly
implement the price rise. Pssst..... just don't tell EVERYONE
about it...

OH another thing if you want to use my OTO above for yourself
NOW you can use it as well and make 50% commission from
every sale you generate.

I have just setup the OTO at PayDotCom, you can sign up
to the affiliate program and get your own link to be
integrated with your Autoresponder system (Just redirect
your new sign up to your OTO affiliate link):

Get your link here:
=> Sign Up as Free Affiliate

2. New gifts site from my friend Ian Del Carmen, there are
a lot of new products there just make sure to grab the most
useful products for you:



Heri Rosyadi

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

[MMOR News] This is VERY Entertaining Yet SO Applicable for you

Wow it's been a while since my last post in this blog.
I have been really busy with my big giveaway project
which will be over in the next 7 days...

It's a Joint Venture project which involved commitment
not just for myself but also for other partners...

So after it's over I will have more time for myself...

I am wondering if you have heard about the reality
show called The Next Internet Millionaire or not...

It's the show like the famous Donald Trump's Apprentice
show... but this one was hosted by Joel Comm and it's
about creating business online.

It was a great show online and the winner already picked.
When it was in audition stage my wife asked me to apply
but I was too lazy to create a video and also I have
other problem...I live far away from US where they
did the competition.

Now for those who was in the competition, they had the
privilege to learn directly from REAL Gurus of Internet the Secret Classroom...

Well actually today the secret has been released to the
public and we...(me and you) can access to the videos
of those Gurus teaching the contestant..

BUT to be honest with you what attract me more in this
release is that it includes the WHOLE story in The Next
Internet Millionaire show which is VERY ENTERTAINING
to see those contestants competed each other finishing
the task....(Remember why the apprentice so entertaining?)

NOT only that you will also definitely learn ALOT from
this show that we all can apply the lessons in our current
business if we already have one...OR if you don't have an
online business already It WILL SURELY MOTIVATE you to start
building your online business!

OK that's truly the values I see in this release...

I don't normally promote big launches like this but this
one I totally feel the quality of the package NOT just the
Gurus' lessons BUT the complete WHOLE show that we can watch
anytime from the comfort of our home with our family!

It will be the perfect show to explain our relatives about
what we are trying to build online...hehe
Many people don't understand what I do to make a living...

I don't go outside working when others go to work in the morning
and people see me like I am unemployed guy but yet I live better
than most of my neighbors ;-)

Now with this package I can just let them watch it and
find out how the internet is a great tool to create wealth
and from my experience it's the TIME FREEDOM I always want
in my life!

Great way to inspire other right?

Ok my conclusion about this package is:
1. Educational - learn from the lesson
2. Entertaining - watch the whole story of the Next Net Millionaire
3. Motivation - yeah whenever you feel down you can just
watch the DVDs again and get fully recharged..

Get the Secret Classroom package here:

And I'll give you my brand new service which is about to be
released to my close JV list :
=> List Building Consultation

Just forward the receipt of your purchase to
=> heribusiness (AT)
after getting the secret classroom package from the link
above and I will secure you a slot in my personal list
building consultation but only for FIRST 10 purchasers.

So hurry up grab The Secret Classroom package here:

To Your Success,

Heri Rosyadi

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

[DIMESALE ALERT] New Salespage Personalizer With Viral Script

I just want to give you quick heads up about my brand
new dimesale I''ve just launched

It offers you a great tool to increase the response of
you sales letter. You can use it to increase the conversion
rate to your resell right products or your own products.

Okay I don't want to give too many details here as
the clock is ticking and the price is raising..

Just grab yours while the price still low:

NOTE: As a purchaser you will be able to get your own
affiliate link and make 100% commission by promoting it to
your list.

To Your Online Success,

Heri Rosyadi
PS. You really don't want to miss this premium software
at the lowest price in this quick dimesale launch:


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Breaking News: Hyper List Builder Free CD

I've been busy preparing my next giveaway event but
I need to deliver this message for you quickly so
that you can take advantage of this awesome CD.

Frankly, it reveals the single best tactic I've
heard for using software that goes viral to
build a massive prospect database.
And I use the strategy well enough to build
a brand new proven buyer list.

Of course there are some other strategies as well...

Back to the best tactic using software...

I implemented the tactic without having to create my
own software/script to feed me new subscribers.
I just use the lite version software/script from this membership:


To combine with the awesome tactic...

Anyway that's just one single tactic that I personally WILL get more by getting your own f.ree CD

=> Hyper List Building CD

But You need to be hurry as by the time I am writing this
there are only 86 Copies left.

To Your Success,

Heri Rosyadi

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Latest Wealth Improvement Tool For You...

It's been a while since my last update.
By the way I have upgraded the site to the latest MVS version.

And now here is another news...

Last week my friend Vince Tan contacted me about his new
product's launch called Keyword Anywhere, he asked me whether
I can help him to spread the words about his new product.

At first I kinda doubt about what he called the new and best
keyword research tool, as I know there are lots of keyword
research tools out there.

So I asked him what's his product difference with so many
other keyword research tools out there...
Anyway he mentioned about the differences and also he gave
me the software to try out.

Here is what I find out about this new tool...

Basically the main difference between this keyword tool
and others is that this tool doesn't need a root keyword.
You just need to provide it with a domain name and it will
go figure out the keywords.

KeywordAnywhere also support multiple languages namely

1. English
2. Spain
3. German
4. French
5. Danish
6. Finnish
7. Italian
8. Norwegian
9. Dutch
10. Swedish
11. Chinese
12. Japanese
13. Korean

This allow user to dominate market in other languages
besides english. And we know how untap those markets are :)

Realizing the power of this tool I said ok to Vince to get
the words out to my readers.

In fact I am going to match the value of the tool in giving
you an SEO package as my bonus when you buy the tool from
my link.

I will give you these tools (which I just acquired in a recent
Sale the right to distribute them and I haven't had time to
upload the sales pages yet):
1. Traffic Scorpion with MRR
2. Blogging Ninja with MRR
3. SEO Spider with MRR
4. PR Ninja with MRR
5. Instant Content Creator with MRR
6. Killer Traffic Generation Tactics with MRR
7. VIP Website Builder with PLR

I believe those SEO and Traffic related
products above are great complement to your
brand new keyword tool. But I can only offer
those bonuses for the next 3 DAYS....

So grab KeywordAnywhere tool from this link:

And reply to this email with your receipt and then I will
send you the download links to the above products as my
bonus for you.

In conclusion KeywordAnywhere is the latest online
wealth generation tool in my eyes....


To Your Amazing Success,

Heri Rosyadi
PS. The bonuses only valid for the next 3 DAYS, so go
grab your tool ASAP and quickly reply to this email
with your receipt to claim your bonus worth over $300
before it's gone!

Today Top Picks Resources:
1. Don't have time to do your own keyword research?

2. F.REE Eye Opening Report About Article Marketing:


Monday, August 6, 2007

Site Upgraded + New Gifts

Today I just want to inform you that I just upgraded my MVS site to the latest version (2.0.9).

There is a great enhancement with the latest version.

So please login here to check the new features of the site and please use the site to build your list.

I have so many plan in the future for the site, including new products inside that you can use for building your list.

In the mean time you can grab 39 awesome gifts here...

Heri Rosyadi

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

[ADMIN-News] These Made My Day...Don't Get Fool By..

Yes I've found two great infoproducts
that made my day.


Because the quality of the content...

The first is the Audio and video product
from ChArise Charter about her guaranteed
success blueprint. It's very inspiring
how the mother of 3 make more money than
most of CEO!

Here is her audio series with amazing
videos bonuses (worth more than the price):

The Second thing is an ebook from Willie
Crawford. Well if you don't know him,
let me tell you that this guy one of
Internet marketing pioneer.

He just come up with his latest report
"How To Make $1000 - $2000 In 24 Hours Or

What a killer material with soo many
testimonials to back it up.

I urge you to read this fantastic report

Oh yeah by the way.. don't get fool with
the price of both products up there...
Coz It's less than $10!

To your Success,

Heri Rosyadi
PS. Check out my testimonial about my
recent success here: